Sunday Brunch Buffets

'm a big fan of Sunday brunch buffets, but it seems there are only a handful of them in Columbus. Here are the ones we regualarly vist:

  1. Bel Lago
  2. Matt the Miller's
  3. The Worthington Inn
  4. J. Liu
  5. Hilton Garden Inn
  6. 94th Aero Squadron

Rosa & Rocco's up here in New Albany has one; I haven't tried it yet, but reports are that it's pretty good but a little pricey.

I have heard that Marshall's in Grandview is also good, read OK. It is a less expensive option similar to Matt the Miller's, but the food quality is not nearly as good. I am going to try this one myself though soon.

Update: We tried Marshall's this past Sunday and I think that it is definately a good option. The food was good, much better than what people said. The thing that I noticed is that is wasn't as varried. If you just want a ton of pancakes and scrambled eggs, Marshall's is the spot. We'll be adding it to our regulars list.

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