Non-Traditional and Frugal Wedding Venues

Columbus has a lot of nice and frugal wedding venues that will make you question why you would want anything else. Columbus has a lot of great non-traditional wedding venues that you can use to make your wedding reception memorable. Combine these with tips like those from Beth’s frugal wedding and you can have a one of a kind celebration that is beyond amazing.

Generally speaking, the more elegant/formal it is, the more expensive it will be. But there are unique and visually stunning options that make for a real treat.

  • Every major museum in the area has space that can be rented. In every case, it costs a fortune (several thousand dollars) just for the space.
  • The Metroparks certainly has places that could be used. Spots within the reservations would likely just need a permit (Inexpensive). The Zoo has several indoor spaces for rent (Expensive).
  • The English Oak Room (not sure about capacity) at Tower City.
  • Greys Armory
  • Mather Mansion at Cleveland State
  • Goodtime III or Nautica Queen
  • Stan Hywet Hall in Akron
  • Hale Farm
  • Lake Farmpark
  • Holden Arboretum

There are also ways to make the dream venue the venue that you can actually afford. One way to do this is to save on other aspects of the wedding.

Consider not having sit down dinner.

More creative option like just appetizers, or a tapas buffet, can be cheaper. Alternatively, depending on the mood you want to set and the attitude of your family and friends, a reception catered by friends and family always seemed attractive to me. Ask grandma flibbertigibbet to bring her world famous corn pudding, aunt jilly brings her delicious whiskey carrots, that kind of thing. It would be a great way to surround yourself with sentimental favorite foods, and to let everyone know how much you value them.

The politics could get pretty bad, though depending on your family. What if cousin Cindy gets pissed that you didn't ask her to bring her shitty Asian ramen salad?

I highly recommend the Columbus Athenaeum.

They don't "charge you" per se to use their space, you just have to meet a certain dollar minimum for the reception room. Catering is in-house and by the time you pick out table decor and the menu, you more than likely will already have met that room minimum. Their staff was super friendly and very easy to work with.

The best piece of advice that you could possibly get though when it comes to getting married is budget, and stick to it. Don't go and try to skip this step. It is about the most important thing that you can do and it will serve you well when you are married (being able to budget).

Cbus has a lot of great options when it comes to getting married for a fun and yet frugal venue.

P.S. The Great Lakes Science Center can be used for weddings, Greenhouse Tavern has a rooftop for a smallish group if you are interested in a rooftop wedding. Some hotels downtown might have a ballroom or something on a higher floor, but I don't know of any personally.

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