Dog Friendly

No food establishment the USA can have dogs inside EXCEPT service animals. So these are all out of the question.

This is a FDA Regulation.

There are plenty of places you CAN take your dogs, but please dont bring them to restaurants. If i get chipotle, i order online, and pick it up and lock the dogs in the car. Columbus has a ton of dog parks,

All the pets stores let you bring in your dogs, Lowes and Home depot are technically not dog friendly but the cashiers who have treats in their pockets would rather ignore that stupid corporate police as they all know its a blanket policy to cover them should something happen.

Rural king lets your bring in dogs (iirc) petsmart you can go into the traning area with your dogs if no classes are going on and work with them. We do lots of training there with little to no hassle.

If you DO take your pet in somewhere and they ask that you not have the dog inside, don't fight with them, or lie and say its a service dog. Just take the dog back to the car.

Columbus is VERY pet friendly, just do over step the boundaries of social norms.

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